Comedy Carnival Christchurch

Grandpa Figs is a fictional character… A grumpy old half-man, half-fig.

How this unholy abomination was formed is a mystery, much like his age, which is estimated at anywhere between 86 and 163. At this stage, it’s suspected the alcohol has cured his figgy heart and he may live forever. Although grumpy, hateful and full of disdain for the world, deep deep down he has a soft soul and a love for both comedy and the South Island. On the rare moments that you do catch him smiling you can guarantee it’s seeing a South Island comedian getting paid… or drinking scotch through his gentleman straw.

In spite (or maybe because) of his advanced age and status, Grandpa Figs decided to take one small step for Christchurch and one giant leap for the burgeoning comedy scene, and create the GoMedia Comedy Carnival. He wanted the Comedy Carnival to be the place for comedy in Christchurch.

The first year the festival displayed local, national and international comedy to the masses across a variety of Chch venues. By the end of the three weeks, Chch had hosted more shows to more people than the previous three years combined.

"In 2020 the Comedy Carnival enters it's fifth year. A milestone not to be missed, despite the increasing chaos of this dogshit year. With billionaires, politicians, and Mother Earth herself all trying to drain us of laughter, we are here to ensure we all still have reason to laugh. 

The scene in the South Island has grown into a real hotbed of talent, with Christchurch now the biggest comedy scene per capita in New Zealand.
We are overwhelmingly proud to be able to showcase that talent, alongside the world’s best, right here in Christchurch! 

Never let the truth stand in the way of a good joke...

Comedy Carnival

This is a mockup. Publish to view how it will appear live.

Comedy Carnival