Roll up, roll up... The funny times are about to begin!

Comedy Carnival Shows

After several successful years, we are excited about 2018.

With shows from stand-up to improv, there is something for everyone. Come back here and check regularly, because we’ll be adding shows shortly!

The countdown is on:

Tom and Gerrit Make Noise​

Thomas Klever and Gerrit Gray are happy to present "Tom and Gerrit make Noise". An amalgamation of two of the hippest young comic talents in the Christchurch scene, you're sure to have a bloody banger of a time! Klever Tom is a master of silliness. Jokey wokes? he’s got ‘em. Loopy laments? You bet! he won 3rd place in the Grandpa Figs Fresh comedy competition 2017 and then later went on to win the hearts of all those that set eyes on him.‘I want to Fuck Tom.’ Cam McLeod‘I want to Fuck Tom.’ Elliot McKenzie‘I want to Fuck Tom.’ Snap Presented by RuseWebsites‘I have fucked Tom.’ Georgie SivierThere you have it folks, Tom is not one to miss! Gerrit Gray is a firecracker of a young man. Gerrit Gray was given the title of the People's hero after one special comedy performance on one regular wednesday. Gerrit Gray has taken up the mantle to fight for you. Yes you. The lazy, the regular schmuck, the regular, to let you know that you don't need talent or intelligence to succeed in this world. An exciting performer, he puts in the mahi to make sure you have a good time. Bountiful energy, a smile that could melt a glacier, a giant of a man with a Golden Retriever's joyful demeanor. Tom and Gerrit make Noise will meld the serenading talents of Thomas Klever and the endless volcanic energy of Gerrit Gray to make for a show you won’t want to miss. Held at the Dragon’s Den on the 9th and 10th of November, Tickets are cheap as chips so make a good choice and get a couple!

The Thinking Peron's Idiot​

Last year Rusty brought you his smash-hit show "I Learnt Something Once", going on to take it nationwide and over the Tasman to widespread critical acclaim and audience delight.Fresh from a sold out show in the Nelson Fringe Festival, and a critically acclaimed run during Dunedin Fringe, Rusty brings his latest show, "The Thinking Person's Idiot", on tour around the country.He hates it when people bring it up, but Justin "Rusty" White is a critically acclaimed, multi award winning comedian. Who wouldn't be embarrassed by descriptions of his "virtually uninterrupted hour of laughter" show I Learnt Something Once, like "a gem of a show", or the somewhat over the top "finely polished masterwork" (Theatreview). How would you like being described as "can only be described as hilarious" (ArtMurmurs Wgtn). How would you recover from being "undoubtedly the highlight of the night" (Caclin magazine) then going on to win Best Comedian (2016 & 2017 Chch Comedy Awards)? All right, we get it! Jeez. Rusty wishes people would stop going on about it…"I don't want to labour the point, but this is a funny, funny, funny, funny, funny show" - TheatreviewStop it."Justin White is a hidden gem of a comic who deserves to be better known. If you see his name on a poster somewhere do yourself a favour and buy a ticket." - Nzcomedyreviews Akl"His dry, deadpan delivery complements perfectly the outrageous content of his stories for a combination that will make you ache with laughter" - TheatreView Dndn"Can only be described as hilarious" - ArtMurmurs Wgtn"A fearless mix of form and content, constructed with intention and intelligence" - EchoesFromTheWings NlsnWinner Best Comedian 2016/2017 Chch Comedy Awards Winner Best Male Comedian 2017 Go Media Comedy Carnival Winner, Best Gag Chch Comedy Awards 2017Winner, Best Show, Dunedin Frinch Awards 2017Winner, Best Out Of Town Show, Nelson Fringe Festival (w/ Georgina Sivier, for the play HER). Show also nominated for Best Script, Edgiest Show, Best Actress & Best Actor.​

The Rotten Apple Doesn_t Fall Far From the Toxic Tree​

 Dan Brader is an NZ comedy veteran. He began his career in Australia in 2007 and has performed all over Australia and his home country of NZ in comedy clubs and festivals. He's also performed two solo tours of NZ. Brader is a unique performer in the NZ comedy landscape with a style that combines sharp, cynical observational material, free wheeling storytelling and moments of inspired off-the-cuff improvisation.  "Brader is a comic you will love or hate, but he's never dull."--New Zealand Theatre Review."Brader's unique comedic style set him apart."--The Southland Times  "In a comedy world that can be a bit ‘same-y’, Dan Brader dares to be different"--ARTSHUB  "Known for his morally-questionable storytelling, Dan has a way of making your own wild stories seem tame by comparison"-- Busselton Mail"He walks his own line and drags the laughs out of it with a sharp shake."--Gagging For It

The Palmy Army​

Four up and coming comedians from the Manawatu are quick marching south, locked and loaded with laughter ammo!Featuring Astarté, Mama Z, Nathan Cross, Zac McCall and mc'd by Tito. These comedic soldiers are readying themselves to launch a mini invasion on Christchurch Comedy Carnival. Join them in the trenches for some Guerrilla LOLfare! Brought to you by The Comedy Hub.

The Future of Comedy​

This is a show filled with the acts who you may not yet have heard of, but are making big waves in the world of comedy. These are the stars of tomorrow, selected by Grandpa Figs himself. Going to this show will be like seeing Elvis’s first performance at the Humes’s Annual “Minstrel” show in April 1953…. Except way less racist.You’ll be the envy of all your friends when in a couple of years you can say “I saw them before it was cool”. People love that stuff. Honestly people can’t get enough of people telling them how they saw an act before it was cool. Buy tickets, be loved by people.Age warning: expect mature content

Strange's Comedy​

Strange & Co.Strange's Comedy!Seats fill up fast so get in early!Show starts at 8pmStrange's Comedy is one of NZ's premier open mic comedy nights! Come see the freshest talent giving it a go and some experienced pro's trying out some of their freshest material. Winner of Best Regular Show at the Chch comedy awards.Held at the Winner of Best Venue - Strange & Co.It will no doubt get a little strange, heck it'll even get a bit awkward at times, but you will be entertained! And what more could you ask for on a Wednesday night!?If you'd like to get on stage and give it a go then email

Stepping Up​

Being a step-parent isn't easy at times and 30 year old Feilding based comedian Ben 'Tito' Caldwell knows that all too well.His wife had three adopted kids when they first met, who all have special needs. To complicate things further, they added another two children between them.His life over the past four years makes up the backdrop of his upcoming Comedy Carnival show, Stepping Up.Always looking at things from a comedic angle, Tito says comedy has helped him through the difficult times and being able to laugh and joke about some of the more stressful experiences has been therapeutic for him."It's weird, the show is brutal at times and some of the stuff that has happened to me, particularly in my relationship with my oldest stepson has been really challenging, but I also find them really funny and trying to find humour in those situations makes me feel like I still have some control over it."

Snap_s Saturday Showcase​

DOORS OPEN: 7pmSHOW START: 8.30pmEvery second week Chch's Best MC (2015 / 2017) will be bringing you a selection of acts he feels you need to see. Maybe they've just won an award, maybe they've got a new character that's killing it, perhaps they're from out of town so we don't often get the chance to see them, or maybe they are just hilarious and it would be a crime for you to not be put in to fits of mass hysteria by them.Get out and support this city and the comedy industry that is fast becoming part of our cultural identity!

Sexy Ghost Boy​

Wine, dine and divine this comedy carnival with a sultry summoning of the decadent and dammed soul known only the sexy ghost boy.  Experimental comedian George Fenn returns to Christchurch with the debut performance of Sexy Ghost Boy.Unable to get into heaven because he's too sexy, the sexy ghost boy haunts spots of great romance because limbo is a deciding unsexy place.Come play with supernatural powers beyond your comprehension.This interactive comedy is behind the mind that created the delight mess that is G+Force (Nominated most Original Show NZ Fringe 2017) and Router Sidewalker (NZ Spirit of the Fringe Award)

Same Same, But Different​

“Same-Same, but Different” is a stand up comedy show like no other. Spawning as an excuse for three newbie comedians to leave the city for a weekend has since turned into a regular comedy show, showcasing some of Christchurch’s up and coming comedic talent in an interesting new way.Same-Same but Different shows follow a loose theme and often result in a number of different comedic styles and themes being thrown together to form a real roller coaster of a show. Join host and original show organiser and performer Jonty Bennett as he hosts a fresh line up of fresh comedians, eager to prove themselves in the big leagues!

Router Sidewalker​

Discover the incredible world hidden beneath familiar streets and sidewalks.A unique fantasy tour with the one who walks on sidewalks, Router Sidewalker.You are invited to walk with the sidewalker along the journey, wherever that may lead.Pack light. Dress to the weather and wear suitable footware.Family tours at 1PM.Walk with the Sidewalker this Carnival and see Christchurch like you've never seen it before.Suitable ages for the 1pm shows are 7+ unless they've got a scooter or something to keep up with. The 8pm show is for adults.​

Razor Blades _ Lemons​

Brent presents Razor Blades & Lemons, a unique show of Magic, Comedy,audience interaction and a few "Wow" moments all made up from Brent's experience of travel & performance.Brent has performed many times on TV, done numerous theatre shows, performed in many festivals and amazing venues as far a field as Ferrys in Greece to Hotels in Italy& Japan for the past 20 years.In 2009 /10 Brent was voted New Zealand Variety Entertainer of the Year by the Variety Artists Club of NZ...... everyone was very impressed by Brent and his performance . They enjoyed it more than our event last year, and couldn’t praise the overall night more. Fantastic audience interaction, humor and showmanship ensure we all had a fantastic night and were thoroughly entertained. and an all round great entertainer.Author-I.T Software Convention...Brent was amazing and had crowds of people calling him back for more. I know our  Officers mess members and their guests were as equally impressed with his show.Lieutenant Commander Terry Cruse RNZN, Devonport Naval Base Officers Ball...everyone praised your performance especially my other Cabinet Members who congratulated me on inviting you to perform including The Governor General of NZ Hon: Anand Satayanand.Auckland City Council

Off the Wall - Quiz with a Twist​

Off the Wall, quizzes are an exciting new take on your standard pub quiz, with a strong focus on not taking itself too seriously and a tongue kept firmly in cheek. As well as traditional quiz questions, Off the Wall also poses questions with its sights set on entertaining answers rather than correct ones. With subjective rounds and regular bonus points awarded at the MCs discretion, our quizzes are lively, hilarious and at times surreal. We offer so much more than a simple general knowledge exam.Hosted by Justin 'Rusty' White, winner of Best Comedian at the Christchurch Comedy Awards 2016 / 2017!1st place - $80 drink & food voucher2nd place - $50 drink & food voucherSecond to last - $20 drink & food voucherGet a team of one to six quizzers together and turn up at 7:30pm to register!FREE ENTRY​

Off Book​

Rousing, magnificent, and a little bit silly. Impulse Theatre's new show, “Off Book: The Musical”, takes the musical genre to the next level.Watch as a random page from a book springs to life in musical glory, with songs created in the moment, fuelled by emotion, and driven forward by the power of the music.Spontaneous, hilarious, and never to be repeated. This is one musical you shouldn't miss.​

Meet Me Where I Am​

The little things in life are really big things.​

Launch Night​

The GoMedia Comedy Carnival is Christchurch’s very own festival of comedy, with acts from around NZ and beyond! This is the show that kicks it all off, with a line up featuring a lot of the acts you can catch throughout the ten day festival.There will be something for everyone and it’s a perfect chance to check out which acts you definitely need to catch in their own shows.Comedy has very much become part of the cultural identity of our city, a city that frankly needs a laugh more than most. Go get tickets, tell your friends, and help us keep bringing laughter to our broken little swamp of a city!Age warning: expect mature content

Just the Gold​

Two time winner of Best MC and all around lovable scamp, Snap presented by RuseWebsites, takes you on a journey through the good stuff.You know, all the bits you’ve already probably heard too many times, and some old stuff you probably heard back in the day as well. For a lot of this material it will be a final farewell. Show your respects, and come say goodbye to some pretty acceptable jokes.​


Bodane Hatten is a professional magician from Australia that specialises in stage comedy magic. An aficionado of classical magic routines Bodane is always looking for new ways to bring life to old tricks with a modern presentation for today’s audiences. The first stage show he co-wrote and performed in was ‘Underground Magic’ in Hobart, Tasmania. Following the success of this show he was hired as the resident magician of Dracula’s Cabaret Theatre Restaurant on the Gold Coast, in which he performed an upside down straightjacket escape on stage during the show ‘Transfusion’ in front of 500+ people almost daily.Bodane then started to produce and perform his own solo magic shows appearing at various festivals and corporate events such as:•  Adelaide Fringe•  Melbourne Magic Festival•  The Taste of Tasmania•  Ellendale Busking Festival•  Dark MoFo•  Festival of Voices•  Tasmanian Circus Festival•  Coffs Harbor Busking Festival•  Nelson Fringe NZHis highly interactive audience participation and witty personality also caught the attention of ‘Australia’s Got Talent’ producers, which led to him to performing on prime time TV. His performance of the notorious ‘Needle Swallowing’ trick was highly praised by all four judges.Bodane’s stage show is very audience interactive with genuine laugh out loud moments and the feeling of watching a show that is being performed just for you. Robert Jarmen reviewer for ‘The Mercury’ wrote ‘There’s plenty of variety, with sleight of hand, mentalism, card tricks, rope and hoop, cups and balls and some wickedly funny toying with an audience members money.’Charles Anderson reviewer for the Nelson Fringe has also stated ‘Hatten is a clever, funny and charming performer who quickly has the audience on his side – even if he takes small, but affectionate bites out of them. He is one to watch and Nelson was privileged by his presence. Let’s hope he returns!’

God Or, the Existence of a Higher Power​

God: the final frontier. This is the voyage of Stephen Lefebvre. His Spiritual mission: to explore strange new faiths. To seek out new life and new congregations. To boldly blaspheme where no man has blasphemed before!This is a comedic, multi-character, one-man-show, written and performed by Stephen Lefebvre. This show satires many different religious and spiritual practitioners, focusing more on the people who believe in the religion rather than the religion itself."Wow, Stephen Lefebvre, he's my favorite Stephen Lefebvre" - Stephen Lefebvre".. Encouraging, comforting and urging you to live lives worthy of God, who calls you into his kingdom and glory.” - 1 Thessalonians 2:12"There's gotta be more to life." - Stacie Orrico"LOL" - 2012 film starring Miley Cyrus(This is an R18 performance. It features foul language, blasphemy, and probably a few other naughty things)​

Fresh Competition​

Never tried stand up comedy but have always wanted to!?Fresh Comedy Competition is our way of ensuring our vibrant Chch comedy scene continues to thrive. We’ve got $500 in straight up cash prizes to encourage a pile of first timers to give it a shot.Snap presented by RuseWebsites will MC us through the night. So if you think you’re funny… or you’re just consistently too poor to buy more DVDs for your Kevin Costner collection and that money could really go a long way… then this is the competition for you.Email to register.Age warning: expect mature content​

Dying to Meet You​

People of Christchurch - critically acclaimed comedian Ashton Brown (writer for 7 Days and as seen on TVNZs Pokerface) is back for ONE NIGHT ONLY.After a sold out run at the NZ International Comedy Festival for the second year in a row, comedian, writer and sweaty ball of over enthusiasm Ashton Brown is bringing his show Dying To Meet You to his favourite city in the country.Death is coming for us all. Ashton Brown wants to run away from it but he’s terribly out of shape. So, he’s going to do what he always does in these situations - Laugh at himself.Dying to Meet You is a pleasantly whimsical look at the terrifying inevitability of death and what it means for all of us folk who have made it this far. See storytelling at it finest with Ashton’s unique style mixing character sketch, stand up and interpretive dance into a hilariously dark solo show.It won’t stop you from dying but at least you’ll be laughing on the way out.“(Brown’s) genius lies in his ability leave the audience in stitches. This is largely achieved through an enviable mix of razor sharp jokes and his warmly affecting delivery that just pulls you into his world.” - The Speakeasy

Digging for Gold​

Part comedy show, part sausage factory tour, come watch Chch’s favourite dreads with a face crank out an hour of new stuff.This show will be a glimpse into the creative process as Snap figures out whether he’s still got the goods or should just give up on writing new jokes and stick to what he knows, Hitler, dicks, and weed.​

Coffee Comedy

How about a bit of casual comedy on a cheeky Sunday afternoon?Sure we all love going out at night... the glitz, the glammer, the vomiting all over your tinder date... but some times it’s nice to grab a warm cup of joe, and just relax in to the laughter.So come see us down at Crafted Coffee for the most relaxing show we have on offer.​


Cori returns to Christchurch with a brand new show. Not only will he bring his unique brand of dry, sarcastic, observational and self deprecating comedy to the festival, he'll also be talking about mental health and sharing his own experiences about a subject that's still too taboo.As seen on 7Days, What We Do In The Shadows and Wellington Paranormal, this is a comedy show with a difference. Come listen, laugh, talk, cry or all of the above.​

Big Late Comedy​

Big Late Comedy really does what it says on the tin. It’s big, it’s late, and it’s comedy. Featuring acts from a range of artforms, doing whatever it is they do, so long as it’s a bit of a laugh. Big Late Shows are known for being a little bit loose, and no doubt this one will live up to its name.Your host for the night is two time winner of Best MC in the Christchurch Comedy Awards, Snap presented by RuseWebsites!Full line up will be announced shortly.Age warning: expect mature content

Arm Chair Revolutionary​

Corey will be late to the revolution, he's got a Grindr date!Armchair Revolutionary is the first hour show from award winning slacktivist Corey Humm. If there's a protest Corey will be there front and centre (Where the cameras are).Corey is a subversive/pop culture mad man who has been described as an "electric, outrageously funny performer, this is his room you're just sitting in it" (Theatre Review).​

a Quality Piece of Ass

A comedy show with something on offer for all senses of humour. A showcase that brings together a roster of talented comics from across New Zealand. Delightfully dark and wonderfully weird, whirlwinds of silliness, quick wits, and brilliant off-colour jokes. A must see at this years Comedy Carnival. R18​

A Laugh with Carlton​

A Laugh with Carlton is a celebration of Christchurch's rapidly growing comedy scene. Always hosted by one of the pros, we then stack the line up with comics across a range of experience, and close off each half with a killer set from one of Chch's best.​

Comedy Carnival

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