Off the Wall - Quiz with a Twist​

Off the Wall, quizzes are an exciting new take on your standard pub quiz, with a strong focus on not taking itself too seriously and a tongue kept firmly in cheek. As well as traditional quiz questions, Off the Wall also poses questions with its sights set on entertaining answers rather than correct ones. 

With subjective rounds and regular bonus points awarded at the MCs discretion, our quizzes are lively, hilarious and at times surreal. We offer so much more than a simple general knowledge exam.

Hosted by Justin 'Rusty' White, winner of Best Comedian at the Christchurch Comedy Awards 2016 / 2017!

1st place - $80 drink & food voucher

2nd place - $50 drink & food voucher

Second to last - $20 drink & food voucher

Get a team of one to six quizzers together and turn up at 7:30pm to register!


Comedy Carnival

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Comedy Carnival